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Mr. Raffal

After producing two records and a number of concert tours as singer along with 30 years creating sets for cinema, I’m currently finding my artistic expression through ceramics. A bit of a radical choice, but a long-held yearning to work with clay. To create pieces which may be either useful or beautiful, or sometimes both. It’s also a choice to live simply alongside nature, where my work brings me a sense of well-being and where I find that friendships are often stronger and more sincere.  The frenzy of our consumer society retreats and my new relationship with time brings me so much more satisfaction.

I chose Monsieur Raffal as my studio name because it amuses me and, funnily enough, frequently becomes confused with my real name : Jean-Michel Pupin. The word also gives me scope for rhyming in creating two distinct, but complementary workshops:-


Monsieur Raffal Atelier d’Art Brutal and Monsieur Raffal Atelier d’Art Fatal (Brutal Art Workshop and Fatal Art Workshop).

No doubt there will be others in due course, for example, l’Art Bicéphale (another rhyming « -al » word) translating as the « Art of Split Personality » Workshop which would be a mixture of the previous two. As there’s no shortage of French words rhyming with « -al », I’ll be able to entertain myself for a very long time to come.

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