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Brutal art

Monsieur Raffal Atelier d’Art Brutal, the name chosen for it’s resonnance, but above all, because it’s my wish to work with spontaneity, a sliver of poetry, a singularity akin to my journey. Work which sometimes treads in the footsteps of « Art Brut ».

A utilitarian object completely unusable, a stain or a dribble which effectively denies the arrogant pose of another. Slack curves alongside taut lines bringing balance and movement to a fragile stance . Beautiful or macabre, willowy or huge, alive against the odds through their contradictions and imperfections. A glimpse of the soul within the folds, the inadvertent dribble of glaze to ruin the ardour.

My project is, effectively, to allow the narrative to emerge through pieces that tell their own story. As in life, it’s their differences which interest me. I feel drawn in by their characters, amazed how they overcome their own obstacles. A sense of marvel for the finished piece without the quest for perfection.

These works are produced with a sense of fun, a game with a wry sense of self-mockery, knowing the dangers of taking oneself too seriously.

You will come to understand that the workshop for l’Art Brutal is a space where I give free rein to creativity and, above all, to expression. I use a range of different ceramic techniques (raku, firing black clay at high temperatures, etc) to aid in the conception.

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